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Aloe Vera is a plant comes from the species of cactus. It is found in most houses of India, hot and dry temperature are the most favourable for aloe to grow; Aloe Vera has been used in India since ancient times. It is, like herbs and plants, is the subject of countless medical claims. Although some are supported by extensive scientific research, others are not. It includes beneficial plant components, it has antibacterial and antioxidant effects, it hastens the healing of wounds, it lessens dental tartar, Bacterial infection can be treated using aloe, it lessens constipation, it might make skin seem better and maintain ageing fine lines, sugar levels are decreased.


For thousands of years, aloe Vera has been utilised extensively for beauty and medical reasons. However, it is unclear how this species evolved to hold such a prominent position in these marketplaces as opposed to one of its closest relatives.

Aloe vera is a plant that is typically used for internal or external skincare applications. Aloe vera is now more frequently present in products like yoghurt and dishwashing solutions. Aloe vera's widespread human use is nothing new; according to historical texts, commercial channels for the plant were established in the Red Sea and Middle East regions as early as the fourth century BC.

Uses of aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is use in many ways to treat many things as follows:

I. Aloe Vera help hairs to stay healthy

Numerous nutrients and active compounds found in aloe vera can thicken your hair. Along with fatty and amino acids, it is a good source of vitamins A, B12, C, and E. These contribute to good shiny and healthy hair.

Although some claim that aloe Vera promotes hair growth, it is a key element in encouraging hair growth, as seen in persons with the hair-loss condition. It has been used to strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and promote hair growth.

II. Aloe Vera promotes natural acne cure

Aloe Vera is a great way to cure acne because of its natural anti-inflammatory effects, Aloe Vera has been reported to relax and lessen the presence and look of acne, even acne scars, whether it has been applied to pimples or to general regions of irritated skin.

III. Aloe Vera Can Improve Blood Sugar Balancing

So many people in India are suffering from the problem of diabetes, it can be cure by a healthy diet and by controlling the level of glucose in your body but the people are so busy to take out some time for their self’s so they should include aleovera juice in your life it will help in controlling your sugar level Aloe Vera, when taken orally as juice, powder, crushed leaves, or an extract, helps people how is not suffering to maintain better glycaemic control. It reduced insulin levels.

IV. Skin care

Aloe vera can help you maintain healthy, moisturised skin. This could be as a result of the plant's propensity for dry, unstable environments. Aleovera absorb water from the nature and the water-dense leaves work as a powerful facial moisturiser and painkiller when mixed with unique plant substances known as complex carbohydrates. Its work as moisturise and regular use leads to lightning the skin colour aloevera is also use in beauty products and every skin care product contains aloevera.

Side effect of aloe Vera

Aloe gel is typically safe to use and can aid with skin healing, But aloe gum can be harmful. Eating aloe latex directly can cause cramping and diarrhoea and may reduce the effectiveness of other medications you're taking.


Aloevera juice: it contains anti-oxidants that human body is lacking these days it also help to cure our skin problems, helps in digestion issue, it also may help in dental and oral health, it also helps in hair growth and also work as a natural hair moisturiser
The best way to consume is to eat it raw Slice off the skin on the bottom edge and remove the sharp edges from the top and sides of the plant to prepare the skin. Make careful to completely wash the skin to get rid of any latex, grime, and dust.

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