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Model Code of Conduct

It is important to read the Model Code of Conduct of Asclecare Wellness that forms the core and integral part of the brand. The code of conduct includes all the rules and regulations mentioned and communicated to all the brand partners and distributors. The codes and the rules are basically constituted in order to keep up the reputation of the brand and to directly benefit the sales and the marketing department. Herein the Codes include all the Rules and Regulations mentioned as well as the legal obligations abiding on the same.

As owner of Asclecare Wellness Distributorship I agree to conduct my business according to the codes of conduct mentioned below.

The Asclecare Wellness Code of Ethics to be followed by Distributors

  • The basic guideline to a distributor like me is to always treat the others as they have treated me.
  •  I being the Asclecare Wellness Distributor shall abide by and strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations and prescribed under the Code.
  • I shall not show any false sense of loyalty towards the brand that would lead to any individual profits and violations of the code of conduct.
  •  I shall be a part of culture that stimulates growth, excellence and an ethical work environment.
  • I will at all times be prompt and courteous towards the customers of the brand while handling the exchange and refund procedures.
  • I will in any way not promote any products, goods or services that are in direct or indirect competition with that of the brand.
  • I will always believe that we are the most important resource of the brand and will always strive towards professional excellence.
  • I will duly respect the laws and regulations of the nation where I conduct my Asclecare Wellness business.
  • I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility. I will, at all times, ensure good conduct towards Brand Partners and employees.

I will present the brand Products, business opportunities, the related trainings and the other opportunities and benefits offered by the brand to my customers and Brand Partners in an honest and truthful manner.

As per the requirement of respective laws of the state, I would be liable to prepare the necessary documentation and shall undertake the necessary compliances, as applicable.

To furnish Permanent Account Number (PAN) immediately on receipt of request from the brand & agree to accept a consolidated TDS certificate towards Tax deducted at source by brand authorities for the period/year ending each financial year.

     The Asclecare Wellness Code of Ethics

  •  Asclecare Wellness reserves the right to refuse any membership application or re-application.
  • An applicant must be of legal age to be an Asclecare Wellness Brand Partner.
  •  An Asclecare Wellness Brand Partner may withdraw from their membership within 45 days after joining the brand group.
  •  The Asclecare Wellness Brand Partners may resign from their membership after the expiration of the Cooling-Off Period of 45 days by giving written notice to Asclecare Wellness authorities.
  •  Asclecare Wellness reserves the right to suspend an Asclecare Wellness Brand Partner’s membership with immediate effect, in case found guilty of violation of the Rules.
  • An Asclecare Wellness Brand Partner shall not place orders in the name of another Asclecare Wellness, without that Asclecare Wellness Brand Partners written approval.
  • Asclecare Wellness Partners are not authorised to make any type of offer or compromise or render Asclecare liable for any other actions other than those specified by the brand itself for the purpose of complaint or product refund.
  • Asclecare Wellness Partners shall not repackage or change or alter any of the packaging labels of Asclecare Products.
  • Asclecare Wellness Direct Selling Partners must sell Asclecare Wellness products and/or sponsor prospective Asclecare Wellness Partner, as applicable, within the prescribed Market only and not any other non specified geographical boundaries.
  • An Asclecare Wellness Direct Selling Partner must operate his or her Distributorship in a financially responsible, solvent, and businesslike manner. Asclecare Wellness Partner shall not permit a non - Asclecare Wellness Partner to build / promote his or her separate brand business.
  •  All rights, trademarks or other intellectual property in the name of Asclecare Wellness are the property of Asclecare Wellness. Distributors shall only use printed material received from brand itself and is prohibited from printing any material with any change in the wording. Upon Resignation, Distributors shall in any form or manner stop using Company name and copyright.
  • Asclecare Wellness will not overlook any violation of Rules of Business and Code of Ethics defined and printed in any of Asclecare Wellness Publications. No leniency shall be shown in dealing with a distributor who is found indulging in activities resulting in violation of the Rules.
  •  Asclecare Wellness Brand Partners shall not use misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices.
  • Each Asclecare Wellness Partner is responsible for building his/her own distributorship business. Asclecare well recognizes that proper support, training and motivation from the up line are also important to the continued growth of business.
  • Asclecare Wellness Brand Partners who wish to transfer their memberships may be allowed to do so, but only at the discretion of Asclecare Wellness. A letter requesting such a transfer must be sent to Asclecare authorities.
  • To be bound by the valuation of all transactions as shown in the documents issued by Asclecare Wellness at each month end or as otherwise prescribed from time to time.
  • The Code of conduct and the Rules mentioned in this material is not all-inclusive in nature, and the Brand expects employees to use their own judgment at all times to follow the high ethical standards to which the Brand is committed.
  • Asclecare Wellness takes this Code very seriously. All employees must follow the ethical and compliance standards set forth in this Model Code of Conduct and are obligated to report, in a timely fashion to the authorities.
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