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Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta is a 15-year-old young entrepreneur and media personality. In 2018, he co-founded the courier company Papers n Parcels (PNP)’ with his maternal uncle Ghanshyam Parekh. He was a 13-year-old class 8 student when he began his venture, and everyone was shocked by his success at such a young age. He also receive extensive media coverage and appear on TEDx Talks in March 2019. In the financial year 2020-2021, the turnover of his company is exceeding 100 crores and the revenue is growing rapidly.

Tilak Mehta is currently studying in class 10 at Gurukul Olympiad School, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. His father Vishal Mehta is also a businessman and his mother Kajal Mehta is a housewife. She also has a younger sister Tanvi Mehta.

In an interview Tilak revealed the full story of how he came up with the idea for the company.

He went on vacation to his uncle Ghanshyam Parekh’s house, and when he returned home the next day, he had forgotten his math book. He desperately needed his book, so he asked his father to go to his uncle’s house and bring it to him, but his father was exhausted and unable to drive all the way to his uncle’s house. So Tilak began looking for a courier, but the courier fees were higher than the cost of the book. So he came up with the idea of starting a low-cost same-day courier delivery service. Currently, his Uncle Ghanshyam Parekh is the CEO of his company and all the operations are managed by him.

Key reason behind the success of ‘Paper n Parcel’

1. Instead of hiring employees on a fixed salary, the contract with ‘Mumbai Dabbawala’, is based on a commission for each successful delivery. So, whenever a new delivery order is placed, ‘Dabbawala’ receives a notification, on his mobile app, and a commission for a successful delivery. For this commission-based business model, they do not need to bear losses for ups and downs, such as in Corona Vira’s lockdown, when everything was shut down, and they do not need to worry about employee salaries.

2. Tilak Mehta was only 13 years old when he founded the company, which garnered him widespread media attention and public support. His story was widely publicized by many major media outlets, and as a result, his company received significant free marketing. At present, he became a brand and everyone in Mumbai knows him and the service offered by his company.

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